marți, 14 februarie 2012

I accept. Do you?

I was often told to be unacceptably stubborn or childish. So, I got myself thinking about....Acceptance. What could my level of acceptance be?
In the past years, I accepted that good is sometimes created with some particular bad things, like screaming your sorrow from the top of your lungs or hiding your happiness underneath manly clothes. Nowadays, I feel that accepting others' flaws is like healing my own wounds.
Acceptance is doing small talk even if you've prepared your speech days before.

My chic pleasure today is...having found a new pleasure.

PS. Yes, you do have to receive acceptance in order to Accept.

vineri, 27 ianuarie 2012

NEW Chic

I have always wondered why people fear the NEW. Why can't they just move on from an old situation to a new, risky, full of hope one? Metaphorically speaking, why strain your sense of fashion with an old dress, when Gucci just presented its new collection?
 From what I understood from life, NEW is just another form of present becoming past.

My chic pleasure today is the warm feeling of joy running through the heart I wear on my sleeve.

PS. Chic is having a laugh on your dreams and seeing they come true.

vineri, 9 decembrie 2011

HourLove Chic

Time is my favourite thing. I always say...Hurry, it's late! even if I'm positive I'll be early again.
If time was a woman, it'd probably have the shape of an hourglass. Her boobs would be minutes, she'll count her freckles in seconds and her soul would count hours of happiness and sorrow.
This Time Woman would spend all her day deciding whether to take the first step towards her countless hours, or to remain caring for her boobs and freckles.
She would spend her hourglass time erasing each freckle, hiding her boobs inch by inch and wasting her soul hour by hour. She would love.

My chic pleasure today is my lack of freckles, my never-will-do boob-job and my endless counting-hours love.

PS. Chic is never stop believing.