marți, 14 februarie 2012

I accept. Do you?

I was often told to be unacceptably stubborn or childish. So, I got myself thinking about....Acceptance. What could my level of acceptance be?
In the past years, I accepted that good is sometimes created with some particular bad things, like screaming your sorrow from the top of your lungs or hiding your happiness underneath manly clothes. Nowadays, I feel that accepting others' flaws is like healing my own wounds.
Acceptance is doing small talk even if you've prepared your speech days before.

My chic pleasure today is...having found a new pleasure.

PS. Yes, you do have to receive acceptance in order to Accept.

vineri, 27 ianuarie 2012

NEW Chic

I have always wondered why people fear the NEW. Why can't they just move on from an old situation to a new, risky, full of hope one? Metaphorically speaking, why strain your sense of fashion with an old dress, when Gucci just presented its new collection?
 From what I understood from life, NEW is just another form of present becoming past.

My chic pleasure today is the warm feeling of joy running through the heart I wear on my sleeve.

PS. Chic is having a laugh on your dreams and seeing they come true.