marți, 6 decembrie 2011

Home is a Chic word

I sometimes think that every little thing that happens to each of us is well written before we even think about it. This is why I've always let faith decide for me. Call me coward, and you'd be right, because most of the times faith fucked my dreams really bad.
Since last night the Small Santa put some presents in my boots, I figured that it would be nice if I was Santa for someone else. But what do you do when the boots you thought ready for your gifts walked all over you after walking right beside you? Actually, that's the question...what do you do when these boots walk all over you? You let faith handle them or you give them a good old scrub?

My chic pleasure today is the gorgeous photos I had ready for this post. Faith decided for me not to get them.

PS. Chic is looking for your way home on a daily basis. Until you find it.

2 comentarii:

  1. If you let it decide, faith will surely consider you're in dire need of another run, and as you let it be... they're going to walk all over you. Again.

    You know what? Don't give them a good old scrub! It implies some effort on your behalf and it's doubtfully worth it.

    Throw them from the balcony, leave them at your door step, give them away to charity. Put on a pair of high heels and make love to the world!

    PS: there is no such thing as a single road home. Nor is there such a thing as a single path in life!

    Smile :)

  2. I am making love to the world on a daily basis! Keep reading and sharing! Thanks