joi, 1 decembrie 2011

SugarHigh Chic

I find colours ( yeah, the british way ) extremly appealing, especially when combined with a rich taste of chic. So, after a few failed attempts on finding the perfect combination, I've decided to try the so-called macarons cookies. Going once, going twice, approved I said! I can eat one or two macarons ( beacuse of my "no-eating" sugar lifestyle, I can't have too many ) and drink from a chic cup of coffee ( I don't mean a porcelain one, but the one that simply helps your morning coffee become tastier every day ).
After a not so tough research, I found out that Madame Lucie has a new variety of macarons: the banana-chocolate one, the violet flower combined with chocolate, an orangey one and one that can get you drunk ( in a chic way, that is ) with mojito. Taste them and feel free to offer them as a chic gift for your dear ones!

My chic pleasure today is a discovery made yesterday.

PS.  Chic is finding a box of Macarons on your desk at work.
PS2.Chic is being taught about macarons by a gorgeous frenchy-romanian guy.

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